Insurance, Banks & Leasing
Verified survey
ZEROF makes possible to survey cars, trucks as well as apartments and houses by force of any person nearby as more reliable as if it would be performed by force of trained survey expert. ZEROF antifraud instruments guarantee the actual conditions and circumstances of the surveyed object to the content of survey report.
Best customers experience
ZEROF brings the new level of service to the contract closure and the service availability whatever and whenever customer needs it.
New generation of telesales
ZEROF raises the call-to-deal conversion via immediate contract closure, remote customer interaction, 100% electronic documents, global availability of service.
ZEROF for Adjusters
Immediate reporting, staff location monitoring, get-to-the point leadtime counting.
Guaranteed accuracy of survey reports.
Survey reporting in customer standard, quick and accurate.
for Retail
Quick remote check-up of products display and merchandisers performance management, cost cut for interactions with distributed retail chains.
10 000+
Apps downloads
15 000+
Surveys performed
Survey of vehicles
Survey of estate
Insurance on demand
Smart contracts powered by ZEROF widen the service availability and drive the new customer experience.
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